Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Hero vs. the Marshmallow Man

I completely agree with South Florida Daily Blog's impressions of the debate (above). 
I also added a few comments of my own (below).
In general and real broad because I don't have the time or the motivation to go into deep analysis...
Both candidates looked and sounded real nervous at the beginning but quickly got over it and settled into a rhythm.
Both candidates made some good points but Obama's delivery was much smoother and articulate, in my opinion.
One of the stranger things I noticed is that McCain was not able to even look at Obama. And speaking of strange...McCain. Unhinged. Not presidential and very creepy.
While Obama more than once agreed with McCain and actually complimented him on several occasions, McCain didn't return the favor once. Not a single time. Does nothing but reaffirm my belief that the only game in town with Republicans is hardball. It's a total waste of time time to try to create rational and even discourse with them. They don't want it and I don't think we need to try to give it to them. 
-South Florida Daily Blog

Here's my comment:

Exactly. Amen. 
I noted other things about Obama's debate style that I liked. One thing is that he always phrases things in the positive, like: if you make less than $200k, you won't be taxed - focusing on who's safe, not who's threatened. 
He also didn't smirk constantly while his opponent was talking, like McCain did. Instead he looked thoughtful and emotionally aware. He stuck to topics better and didn't point fingers. He didn't constantly make the campaign about his experiences, like McCain talking about visits to Georgia/Iraq and such, not just because he hasn't been around, but also because that's not what the election is about. It's about either being aggressive in the world (McCain) or using diplomacy (Obama). It's fighting vs. talking. Exhausting resources (not changing) vs. finding new ways to handle old situations (renewable resources). 
Of course, McCain's no dummy. I mean, he's not as likable, but he's well informed and well traveled. I have always seen him as a huge threat to the Democratic party, but now, with Obama, I really think we might have a chance. Obama's so eloquent and he has class. I wore my pin out last night and I'm psyched to see us win in Nov.


Rick said...

Thanks for the mention!


swampthing said...

pardon the cut n paste bro, dig this...

Reflexive Recoil

by digby

It's very hard for me to gauge this debate because to me John McCain is quite obviously a crazy, intemperate, nasty old bastard. He was sarcastic, contemptuous and patronizing. I really, really loathe him. But then, I loathe Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck too, who are also domineering, macho pricks. (On the other hand Barack said "I agree with John" about 832 times, so perhaps I'm misjudging him.)

The early consensus seems to be that they both did well but that McCain exceeded expectations so he won. Who could ever have predicted that?

Did I mention that I really, really loathe that creepy, fascistic jackass John McCain? Ugh.

Liz said...

Rick- thanks for being so concise!
Swampthing- that's hilarious and fucking beautiful. It's like digby reads McCain perfectly. I find MMM the (the Marshmallow Man) incredibly distasteful and he completely repulses me, too. I have always been a bit fearful of his appeal to some retarded, suburban "liberal" subset of the US pop that are so simpleminded that they think of him as a sort of standup kinda guy. Those people need to check their ethical agenda before they vote for MMM. Or maybe they should just drop off the earth.

Thanks, bros for keepin' it realz.

Martin said...

Not only did McCain not agree with Obama on anything, but apparently, Obama agreeing with McCain a number of times is a sign that he's not a leader To me this is the most offensive political advertisement of the season; outdoing the sex education to kindergartners commercial. Only this current crop of Republicans and their supporters would consider a candidate finding common ground as a weakness.

EAT said...

That made me very ANGRY.