Friday, September 5, 2008

Buck 15 - good gays, bro

So, apparently I'll never meet a straight man again since I only go to gay events, nights, or clubs. Last night we went to Buck 15 for their weekly, Thursday homo-evening. There was a really good gay scene there, including some cuties, overdressed girls, and a bunch of ghetto gays (FUBU fags, as I prefer to call them). As the night wore on, the crowd thinned out quite a bit. I ran into an old friend who informed me that the reason for this is because everyone starts there and then goes next door to the upstairs at Score, Creme or some dirty name like that. Laundry Bar was closed, I have no idea why. I hope to God they didn't close down considering it has been a staple gay locale for a hag like me over the past 11 years.
Two thumbs up for gay night at Buck 15. All you cuties better make your way down there before the party starts to suck.

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