Thursday, September 25, 2008

Headlines- more fun, less politics?

I was talking to my white, middle class, misogynist, NURSE brother yesterday, who informed me that no white, middle class men want to hear anyone side with the obvious - like me, a female liberal. Apparently that's boring, to stand up for your own kind. If I become a self-hating, gay, black Republican, then white men will give a shit about what I have to say. Well bravo lame-os. So, fine. I'll stop being vaginally political. I'll try and stop at least. I'll just say less.
Here are a few headliners worth mentioning (sorry 2 are party-centric)

*McCain says he's not going to the debates! He doesn't wanna to go! Feel his forehead. It feels warm, doesn't it? I think the bailout (us bailing out big business) is giving him a tummy-ache.
Obama don't give a heehaw. He's going to be there, telling it like it is, debating his own goddamn self. And certainly winning.

*Hey you Pagans, Sarah Palin wants you outta her hair.

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