Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday night out with a real bro

Last Night
Lost and Found Saloon: My lovely friend Nico and I left work, after a stimulating and enriching work experience, and headed over for din din at Lost and Found. This was her first time there, and she liked it: good beer, tasty tofu, and cute waitress. The reason I like it is they actually have pulled pork, and I also think that they've done a lot with the place. It looks wonderful inside. I love the mural near the john, and the wagon wheel chandeliers hit that soft spot in my heart for Oregon Trail furniture. My one true complaint (there's gotta be one) is that I HATE that they harass you about eating with drinking and won't let you sit down if you just want a freaking beer. I get it, you don't want people like me coming in for a drink and turning your pretty place into a dumpy bar, but it's just slightly offensive. That's all.

MOCA: Went to the Dark Continents opening at MOCA, but I couldn't function because I was so hot and seriously sweating all over - my pits, thighs, upper lip - uncute. I liked the room with Naomi Fisher's videos (stimulating), but I would need to go back to really give an opinion on anything.

Sweat Records: Then we went by the fundraiser for Sweat at Churchill's. Nico bought me the Talking Heads record above. If ya look real close, you will see that that is David Byrne in Atlas pose, and he has a huge package in those tighty-whities! Many people turned out for the cause, and the music was generally laudable. I thought the inside sound system could have been turned up a bit, but outside was pretty rocking. Overall, good time. At the beginning of the night, I was all awkward and sweaty, but by the end, I felt like I was inside a giant friend hug, filled with loving criticism and even more hugs.

First thing's first: watch the presidential debates, they start at 8.

At Vagabond: $1 drinks before midnight and the band Vivalevox is playing. I have never heard them, or of them, and I can't get on My Space now, but here's a New Times rundown.


Anonymous said...

Nancy did some sound for that Naomi piece at MOCA, yo. Just an FYI.

- Rog

Liz said...

Thanks, "Rog." Bravo to la belle Nancy Garcia - you sound good! Real good.