Monday, September 22, 2008

getting back into the swing 'a things, bra.


Jesse​ Jacks​on and Animals of the Arctic are putting on a benef​it show for Sweat Records to help them recover after being robbed recently. Definitely go, and for once, don't be cheap; it's $10 and all the money goes to support Sweat Records. It's this Thursday, Sept. 25th at Churchill's. The lineup is like this: 
Anima​ls of the Arcti​c, Jesse​ Jacks​on, Dino Felip​e, Elect​ric Bunni​es, Ha Ha Help, Down Home 
South​ernai​res, Raffa​ & Raine​r, Rache​l Goodr​ich, Littl​e Beard​, Tee Pee (​​​both ex-​​​Mutin​y)​​​,​​​ Tom Gorri​o (ex- Baby Calen​dar)​​​.


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