Friday, September 5, 2008

I Heart Heart.

One of the raddest girl groups ever, Heart, is all like "fuck you GOP, you can't use our song for your shitty candidate." Mind you, that song they wanted to use was All I Want to Do is Make Love to You... just kidding, They wanted to use Barracuda as Palin's campaign song! Here's why: "'Sarah Barracuda' is Palin's high school nickname." Whoa. Women seen as animals... we've come a long way.

Yo, I wrote my fucking Master's thesis on this. We are not beasts, we are just as human as men. Je ne suis pas un animal!


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Emily Sue said...

My mother was watching the convention, I heard the song and literally ran downstairs to see what the hell was going on. And of course the Barracuda of this song is supposed to be men (and the music industry - men again) and what assholes they are...I know the Repubs were too lazy to call ASCAP for the rights, but apparently they're too lazy to consult a lyrics sheet as well. Playing this song at the convention is akin to trying to convert someone to Christianity with song about how evil and manipulative Christ is.