Friday, September 12, 2008

Makeup, the big deceiver

Eva Longoria with makeup on and her ET hand, and Eva with nothing to hide.

I personally am not a huge fan of WEARING makeup. I have worked selling it in the past, and I think it's fun to put on, but, uh, I don't want some dude thinking I look like I appear to look like I look in makeup all the time. That's just bad business; you're setting everyone up for disappointment. I mean, in the morning I look more like homegirl on the right up there than Devine.
Yo, if you're really ugly and/or have shitty skin, go for it, but otherwise, I think girls wear too much crap on their faces. I'm getting a bit too old to be as barefaced as I normally am. But, fuck it. I'm too lazy in the morning to put anything on, I barely can brush my teeth. Beside that, I'm part hippy; my mom wears Birks. I still won't wear foundation, ever.
Also, Miami is the worst place for make up because you sweat it off as soon as you have a drink in the heat. And then you appear cartoonish with all the colors mixing as they melt down your face. I think it's kind of counterproductive.

Now, back to Eva over here. Isn't it incredible how different she looks with nothing on her face? Really something to contemplate. She's not ugly or anything, just another creature entirely. I used to work at a makeup counter and there was a girl who was pretty and looked great with make up on, but I always wanted a glimpse of her before she lathered it all up. One morning before a staff meeting, I saw her and it was like the strangest thing, like seeing a fetus before it comes out of the womb. She was still a lovely lady, but Lord, it was like this whole Eva thing. Overwhelming. I feel like I don't know who people are when they wear so much shit on their faces. Get real girls, and keep them faces clean.


Emily Sue said...

Exactly - once you wear makeup there's no going back. That's why I don't start.
I love pics of "stars" w/out their makeup. It's a great wakeup call.

Liz said...

They're hideous, right? I mean, well, not "hideous," but like normal, average. They all look like someone beat them about their faces and they haven't slept in years.