Thursday, September 11, 2008

Byrne Byrne Byrne!!!

Maybe you don't know, or maybe you do know that David Byrne is the awesomest dude that I used to keep almost meeting. What I mean by this is that I love him, and I had four separate opportunities to meet him, and I fucked up each time. Let me outline:

1. My friend, the talented and beautiful Armando Alexander, invited me to go to a Matador party, but I had this horrible gig in NY where I had to drive all over the fucking country by myself, and I had just gotten back from a week alone, in Vermont. I was about to die from exhaustion, and probably depression, so I missed the fucking party where they all met and hung out with The Byrne, or My Byrne, as I like to think of him.

2. I had to go to a family friend's wedding in NJ with my ex and our friends Monotract were playing at, the now defunct, Tonic. They were going on right after whatshername from Ican'tfuckingremembergoodworldmusicishjapanesesingerband, and we decided that after such a long drive back to Manhattan, we were too tired, no, wait, I lie, we hung around NJ too long drinking and wasting Byrnetime, and David Byrne was in the audience of this fucking concert we were supposed to be at, and I blew it. Roger ended up talking to him though, right? 

3. This is my personal favorite. Picture it, Art Basel 2006, The Raleigh Hotel. A few friends and I run by the bouncers to sit front row at the Devendra Banhart show thrown by Deitch Projects, we left behind my brother and my friend who weren't interested in the dangerous life. I guess my brother saw a guy with a white blazer and huge shoulder pads and laughed to himself about how he'd lie to me about seeing my hero, when I returned, he said, not believing it himself, "Dude, David Byrne was here! You missed it." Still not believing he actually saw The Byrne, he said he was kidding. Well, turns out it was him, everyone else saw the shoulders from the front and it was DB. Fate rubbed it in my face, again. 

4. This one was just cruel. Same Basel, different chicks meeting up with me. I was already inside the Delano waiting for them, and they ALL saw him ride his freaking bike right by, just like that. Rode on by. Waved. I didn't get a wave. A nothing. No Byrne. 

I bring up this wonderful hero because he and Brian Eno, another melodic champion, made an album together after 30 years of not collaborating. I'm listening to it right now and loving the ever young, shining star Byrne and the brilliant Eno. I wish they would make musical love all the time. Everything That Happens Will Happen Today


Anonymous said...

Yea, he was at the show before us and I gave him one of our CDs. Complimented him on his blog from his website. Creamed my pants. Dude is seriously one of my idols. I was in shock.

Rat Bastard claims that, IQ-wise, Byrne is LITERALLY the smartest man in the U.S.

"Strange Overtones" is awesome off that record.

- Rog

Marco said...

no "thanks to my boy marco for introducing me to this album"...kinda jank

EAT said...

Not-So-Anonymous, I wish you had stapled him to a chair, because I would have definitely gone if he was in bondage. Where's my Monotract review?

Oh, and Marco, thanks, but also then thanks to Flavorpill who posted a review yesterday.