Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reflections on the expense of a Bush in the Oval Office

Miami, bro is pissed off. The stalwart genius that is GW Bush is up to his usual ways: waiting forever to speak out during a US crisis. Finally he's opened the empty abyss that is his head to talk about the crashing stock market. Listen to what he had to say:
It sucks that the global economy affected his vacation to the South, ya know? I mean, it's such a drag to have to run a country instead of hanging out on Sanibel Island. But, I have to say, he really addresses the issues and concerns of the American people in his TWO minute speech. Hey, we can be confident in him and his administration, they're "taking care of things." Cool. Whoa.

This market situation reminds me of all the disasters that have happened during his residency in the White House: 9-11, Katrina, the end of Capitalism as we know it. The only thing he's been quick to do is drop bombs on Arabs and Afghanis. Bush's interest in the presidency has been all in self-interest. I'm making this claim
without support here, which I shouldn't do, but I'll just say one thing: oilmoney.

The one kind of terrible-great and interesting thing that has arisen from this last eight years of actual nightmare is that the GOP, preaching "less government is good government," has ended up having a whole hell of a lot of influence over the private sector. Especially over the past month. I mean, again, whoa. This administration has offered impressive amounts of federal funds to aid the private sector in order to save the asse(t)s of friends and foes alike.
Truly an administration totally successful at proving their opponents right.
Bravo "old boys," you've really proven that less government will equate to MORE government and an unstable economy. I have never understood offering incentives to big business to stimulate the economy. However, I do understand that we need to stay signed up to that social contract and to create a sustainable society that isn't focused on how much money we spend on plastics that end up crowding the trash and then choking endangered birds (dramatics are necessary).
Think back on Hobbes (yes, I was too lazy and busy to get into this myself, and I took from Wikipedia, whatever. Deal with it.):

According to Thomas Hobbes and canonical theory, the essence is as follows: Without society, we would live in a state of nature, where we each have unlimited natural freedoms. The downside of this general autonomy is that it includes the "right to all things" and thus the freedom to harm all who threaten one's own self-preservation; there are no positive rights, only laws of nature and an endless "war of all against all" (Bellum omnium contra omnes, Hobbes 1651).

I have an uncanny intuition about the financial market. I believe it comes from actually reading what's going on and thinking about things in a logical manner. That and a little bit of genius. Ten years ago when Clinton's market was booming, I told Eddie and my mom (obsessives) NOT to invest in El Sitio (google it), but to buy stock in high fashion... LVMH, I said. When I bought an apartment with my parents, I said, real estate's not looking good, a year later I called home and said, "mom, sell it now." She believed in the real estate market, wrongly; months later for the first time in her life, these words were directed my way, "you were right." So, listen hard, and listen strong, bros, buy a plot of land in the country, at least an acre, and buy it this week. That's all I'll say. Good luck, bros, to me and to you.

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