Monday, September 8, 2008

Tonight, last night, the night before, and the one before that.

If you don't work and want 2-4-1 drinks (me!), you should head to Exposure. Andrews of Spiderpussy throws this party weekly at White Room, and I think they're having fun there tonight. If you go, please, rub it in my face that you got drunk and shit and made out with some 21 year old wearing tight jeans. I'll be home dreaming strange dreams, awakening to my kitty's playtime every hour on the hour, and then finally dragging my ass to work extra early for a meeting that will be seriously productive at producing unproductive results. Doesn't make sense, does it? This is a result of too much drama and too much Churchill's this weekend.
Stopped by White Room on Friday, and they blocked off the entrance area. It's pretty strange, because you have to walk down some claustrophobic corridor to enter, and then to get into the Red Room area, or whatever it's called, you walk through the ladies room. Not sure if this is every night or just some nights? 
Also, went by Vagabond on Friday to see The Microdots and for (real reason) the $1 Stellas. The crowd there is much better earlier than later. It was a good time. Very busy. On Saturday, hit up the Torche show, which was PACKED. Next door, Sweat Records had a celebration for the unveiling of their mural, which you should definitely see - impressive. I love going to the metal shows though because it's basically all guys, and they're awesome because they leave you alone. They're just there to be angry and punch each other. I respect that. Last night the Churchill's show was entertaining. Bunch of bands playing, and a big audience for a Sunday. Sketchy played a good show and I managed to video tape the whole thing without the assistance of a tripod. I'm going to nap now. It's what I do best.  

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